Wednesday, April 27, 2005


And a followup where Myers points out some other problems with Berlinski’s arguments can be found

Glen Davidson at ARN ( makes a similar observation

Quoting Davisdson “The upshot is that the power of natural selection is not well known at present. Many studies have shown weak results, but then one should recognize that experimenting with “natural selection” is fraught with difficulty. That’s one reason why I just sort of went along with Berlinski’s comment previously, without really concerning myself too much with it. What I do think is interesting, though, is that the problem is not in simply differentiating between weak effects and strong effects, but also that the studies have generally lacked the resolution to detect “unrealistically strong” selection. Berlinski’s trying to make hay out of some rather difficult-to-resolve issues, and he really should treat the whole matter more appropriately.”

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