Friday, January 07, 2005

Dover School board backs down

Seems that the Dover School board has decided to give in to the request of its teachers to not be forced to make the 'intelligent design' statement. Instead the administrators will read the statement to the students. Students can be excused to leave the class room. Of course forcing students to leave the classroom in front of their peers is reason enough to take the school board to court.

The teachers at least recognized that Intelligent Design is not science. There is hope after all for Dover.

The defendents' law firm (Thomas More law center) argued

"The Dover faculty have no right to opt out of a legal directive," Thompson said. "Having said that, because there is pending litigation ... we are going to accommodate their request.

They should familiarize themselves first with the vacuity of intelligent design before making such silly arguments. Forcing teachers to read a religious statement
of faith or forcing students to leave the class room during the 'service' are clearly in violation of separation of Church and State.
Students, teachers to be excused from 'intelligent design' statement By MARTHA RAFFAELE, AP Education Writer

This is a beautiful tactical move

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